We have a new addition!

We have been wanting a companion for Mocha for a little while and a friend of mine was trying to get rid of her dog because she didn't feel she was giving the dog the attention she deserves. We went over there yesterday with Mocha to see how the dogs acted around each other and her dog just wasn't having it. With a heavy heart, we had to decline. On our way home we remembered that Petsmart was having an adoptathon so we went straight there only to find out it had ended at 4. No fear, though, because they had it again today so we got up at 9 to get there at 9:30 (though we ended up getting there around 9:40) and the adopting started at 10. That bring us to this guy:
Everyone meet Bo! He is a 5 year old Walker Hound with a big heart and a really sweet and gentle nature. He was a stray when they found him and only weighed 22 lbs :(. He was also heartworm positive but he's fine now and weighs a whooping 59 lbs (he needs to lose a few lbs, lol) The poor baby was in the foster system for a year. We are fostering to adopt him basically only because we wanted to see how he would act with our Mocha baby. As of right now, we definitely want him! The first thing he did in the yard when he got here was take a dump, lol. Anyway, here is a picture of Mocha with her big brother Bo!
He is a lot taller then he appears to be in this picture. We are so happy to have him!

There are so many precious dogs and cats that deserve wonderful forever homes. Please, if you ever decide you want a dog or cat(or another dog or cat), consider adoption. You would not believe just how great these animals can be to someone that truly loves and wants them.


Kelsey said...

Very exciting.. he is beautiful. I cant wait to get a dog. :)

Sue said...

I love your new addition! SO CUTE!!!