Oh Em Gee! Another contest! I want, want, WANT!!!

Okay, so the ONLY thing I want more then a custom blog layout is a Navy Wife shirt! This contest will get me that! This is SO important to me and I know I have been asking for everyones help with the other contest but trust me when I say, your help will NOT go unnoticed! I am so inspried by this contest because it is something that VERY MUCH means something to me. Not only is music one of my vices, it is a good portion of my life and mind. Here are the top 5 songs I listen to "While You're Away":

Wait For Me- Theory of a Deadman - Why? The first time I heard this song I was directed to it by another Navy wife on facebook. It touched me in ways I never even thought about and it means a lot to me to think that Ryan just may feel this way. How he feels means more to me then how I feel when he is gone and it really made me think about that and to stop being so selfish.

Permanent Monday- Jordin Sparks- Why? There is no other song in the world that has just poured MY heart out FOR me like this one. From start to finish this song is basically EXACTLY how I feel. "Every time you go away, the sunshine starts to fade. Frozen by the hands of time into a permanent Monday. Take me back into your arms and dont ever let me go. Cuz when I see you walk through that door I'm not lost anymore, I'm home", how could any of us dealing with long underways and deployments not totally relate to this song? It's a gut wrencher though, so be careful while listening to it "While he's away".

6 Months- Hey Monday- Why? This song is mine and Ryans song. Well, one of them. It describes our relationship at home and at sea. For those of you who have never heard it the chorus goes "Everything you say, everytime we kiss I cant think straight but I'm okay. And I cant think of anybody else who I hate to miss as much as I hate missing you" The. End.

Mona Lisa- The All American Rejects- Why? This song might not sound like a good song when listening to it from your point of view but it means everything to me. The night Ryan and I first finally told eachother that we love eachother Ryan was singing this song. When "And all I need is next to me" came up, he looked at me, smiling and sang it directly to me. It has always held a special place in my heart ever since then. It makes my heart smile in ways I never thought I would "While he's away".

When I'm With You- Faber Drive- Why? It's beautiful. I found the first 2 and this one while Ryan was on a 2 month long underway and this is another one that made me realize I was being selfish. That I wasnt the only one missing someone. That he missed me too. It also made me think about how much we take every day we have for granted and since Ryan has been home I have made "every second count" because I know I dont have very many more seconds before he deploys. I really dont :(

That is my top 5 though I have so many more and one that is very special to me thanks to the "While You're Away" group on facebook. It's called Ocean Size Love and you hear it every time you come to my blog.

Anyway, since you took the time to read this please also take the time to go to the lovely Christinas blog: The Journey of a Navy Wife and vote for me there! She is amazing and seriously, if you aren't already following her, do so. I promise you wont regret it!


Christina said...

Wait For Me- Theory of a Deadman: One of my top 5 "While you're Away" songs as well. The opening Lyrics are amazing: "You are not alone tonight
Imagine me there by your side
It's so hard to be here so far away from you
I'm counting the days till
I'm finally done"

Permanent Monday- Jordin Sparks: "Seven days, it feels like a year
You whisper through the line
You know I miss you like crazy
So baby can you steal a plane
A boat, the fastest train
You know it just don't feel the same when you're gone"
Yea, I think Every Military SO can relate.

6 Months- Hey Monday: "You're the direction I follow to get home
When I feel like I can't go on you tell me to go
And it's like I can't feel a thing without you around
And don't mind me if I get weak in the knees
Cause you have that effect on me
You do"
It reads my mind.

Mona Lisa- The All American Rejects: Although the song has no personal meaning to me, it's a great song. AAR's are amazing.

When I'm With You- Faber Drive:"When i'm with you
I'll make every second count
cause i miss you, whenever you're not around
when i kiss you
i still get butterflies
years from now,
I'll make every second count
when I'm with you"
So relateable.

It's Something Beautiful said...

Hello there :) I just found your blog and love it. Consider me your newest follower!

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Brittany Sommer said...

Welcome to my world! I hope to live up to your expectations :)