Blog contest! Why do I deserve this blog make over?

Hey guys! Just want to share something absolutely wonderful with you! Betty over at Life as a Sailors Girl is having a contest! She sure is wonderful and her giveaway is something I have wanted for a VERY long time. I have been dying to have the blog of my dreams. I have always blogged for as long as I can remember. I started on livejournal, then moved to myspace, then to this wonderful place :)

I never thought what my blog looked like meant anything because really, I just came here to write, but the more I came here to write the more I realize that the way my blog looks actually DOES mean something.

1. People are more likely to read your blog if it looks nice. It's just like when someone comes to your house. If it's dirty they dont feel comfortable and are most likely not going to visit very often.

2. I have always loved expressing myself through art and writing so why on earth wouldn't I want my blog to show that?

3. I have spent countless hours looking through blog templates and none of them are ever what I REALLY want, they just work for the time being.

4. I feel like I deserve this because I am an avid blogger. I am here pretty much every day or at least every day I get the chance. It'd be great to come here and actually ENJOY the way my blog looks. I'd say it would inspire me to even write more.

It would mean everything to me to win this blog makeover. I dont have the money to pay anyone to make a custom blog template for me and I have wanted one for at least a year. My future husband deploys soon and coming to my blog to write when he is gone is my vice. It helps me through a lot. Not to mention I have helped many people in my same situation find blog templates they liked and personally put everything together for them. It'd be nice to have it done for myself for once. I just feel like I need this. I need this... So, PLEASE go visit Bettys blog and comment that you found her through me. Every little bit helps!


Mrs. Gambizzle said...

Hey there!

Thanks for entering great entry! Maybe the best one I've seen yet, so good luck!

Brittany Sommer said...

Hey! Thanks love! I feel like I am just going to DIE if I dont win your contest!

Alisheau said...

Brittany--I definately will=))
I know that if it werent for you Rashell Sarah and I wouldnt have our blogs to vent to about the troubles of the Navy Wife life =)) We appreciate everything you did for us! You do deserve this, you are so helpful to others-it is time you got what YOU want =))

Brittany Sommer said...

Awwwwwww, that made me super happy to read! Thanks so much sweety!