I never got to be engaged!!!

What happened to "Congrats on being engaged!" and that being it? Why does there have to also be that "So, when is the wedding?" question? I have been so busy planning 2 weddings that I haven't gotten the chance to just enjoy being engaged! Can't we just be engaged for 1 week without wedding planning?

We are going to have 2 weddings. One on July 30th of this year. Just a small one before he deploys. Getting married by the mayor of my hometown in city hall. Then having a VERY SMALL party afterward. Then come May 28th of next year we are having the big one. I got my dress and shoes for the small ceremony.
You can view the dress here: The dress and here are the shoes:

I just want to be a fiance and just that for a week without planning a wedding. Is that to much to ask?

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