What's happening?

Well, I hit my third and FINAL trimester Tuesday *happy dance*. A whole 13 weeks (give or take) left! I can't remember if I told you guys but I found out I have PUPPP and it's AWFUL and it has made my stretch marks horrible.

Here's my stretch mark/PUPPP journey:
This is at 14 weeks. Yes, 14 weeks:

15 1/2 weeks:
16 weeks and 1 day:
20 weeks and 1 day: (fyi, this is the week I started getting a couple of itchy bumps in my stretch marks)
And it goes downhill from there :(
21 weeks 3 days:
22 weeks and 2 days: (the PUPPP had finally reared it's ugly head full on)
I had been bad. I itched it...
4 days later, it was better! I was still holding out hope! 22 weeks and 6 days:
23 weeks and 4 days: (not too bad!)
25 week comparison:
Then the s*** just HITS THE FAN...
25 weeks and 5 days:
26 weeks:
26 weeks and 5 days has probably been the WORST:
Disgusting right? It's on MY belly :( This little girl is messing mommy up.

Today the PUPPP isn't very visable BUT let me tell you, my lower abdomen still itches like nobody's business and my stretch marks? Oh, I just don't even want to talk about it.
The a few days ago: (my belly button is frowning now, lol)
My belly at exactly 27 weeks: (in the morning and at night)

And lastly, my belly tonight: (27 weeks and 2 days)
This, my friends, is the UGLY and very UNLUCKY side of some pregnancies. For more information on PUPPP, click here: PUPPP info

Note: If you EVER get itchy bumps in your stretch marks while pregnant, don't let anyone keep you from thinking it's worse than just an irritation. It's much better to be safe than sorry. I think if I would have known it was PUPPP back when I first thought it was, things would be a whole lot different right now.

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