I don't know how to begin

There is something that has been weighing very heavily on my mind.

When we were in Indiana at Christmas time, Ryan and his mother got into a fight (mainly because of me, I'm sure. She has never seemed to like me much). They didn't make up before we came back to Virginia even though Ryan tried contacting her many times. Every day actually. A few days after we got back to Virginia, they talked and made up, as did she and I but things didn't get better after that, they got much worse.

Ryan wanted them to take over their phone lines by a certain date so we didn't get charged for another month and on that date Ryan called them to verify what they were doing and they never responded so Ryan took matters into his own hands and suspended their lines. He never wanted it to be that way but they forced his hands. It's not my right to say why, but he just didn't feel comfortable having them on our plan anymore. Frankly, I didn't either at the time.

Let's move forward a day or two and his mom emailed him about him suspending their lines.They had shut their home line off (or so they say) so she couldn't call. He replied the best way he felt and she never replied after that. Fast forward another week and she emailed him with one line. He didn't reply. She hasn't tried to contact him since.

That's her SON. HER SON. I can't believe it. I just can't. Our kids will do things that make us angry constantly but to not speak to your SON? Just wrong. On so many different levels. Sadly, Ryan and I both feel like this wont get any better. My heart breaks for him. I know he is hurting. I know he wants his mother in his life but it kills him that nobody is even TRYING to be in his life. None of his "family". Not his step brothers, not his step dad, not his mom, not (all but one) his cousins, not his aunts nor his uncles. NOBODY. How can these people think that is ok? I have news for you, IT'S NOT. He may not be trying either but he still hurts. And maybe he needs someone to prove to him that he is worth the fight

My poor husband has been turned into an adult orphan. I can't even begin to imagine the pain he feels.

Last night I reminded him that he is so important to me and he is so important to Abriella. Whether he knows it or not, the family he has created by his love for us lovse him more than any argument would ever get between. He is the light of my life. He is the most wonderful and amazing man. I am so blessed. Abby is so blessed to be able to have him as her daddy. Anyone who would stop talking to him is not even worth his love.

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