A lot has happened in the last 2 weeks! Here are my recent updates via IG photos :)

Let's start here. I looked around the gym while working out 2 weeks ago and realized none of the other pregnant women were there and I was being looked at by most of the people within eyesight. Made me feel pretty uncomfortable.
Turned 25 weeks and had an upper respiratory infection (I'm still not quite over it, a week and a half later)
 The cloth on my face was pretty much my only relief from my runny, raw nose.
 Got Abriella's playard/bassinet thanks to her Aunt Missie and cousin Mady.
 Finally got the LifeProof case I have been dying for and it me proofed AND baby proofed my phone
Enough said.

Dressed up for Valentine's Day and felt great doing so! Too bad my hormones were raging and food/drinks tasted horrid that day.
Got this super adorable outfit which MAY be her coming home outfit!
 Had super swollen fingers yesterday morning and thought my ring wearing days were over. Thank God they aren't yet!
Last but not least!!! Last night baby girl was kicking and Ryan sat his hand on my belly just in time for her to give a good, hard kick! He felt it! I then giggled for a while so he didn't feel anything but after I stopped laughing she kicked hard again! The smile on his face was so amazing. I could have cried. He said "That was my first contact with her" and then he kissed my belly. I can't wait to watch them grow together after she is born. He is already a fantastic daddy <3 p="">

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