It's a new year!

Last year may have been our roughest yet. We had more downs than we had ups. And let me tell you, 2012 ended on a horribly sour note.

Though, many bad things happened in 2012 (far more than I could even begin to list) I want to take note of the wonderful things that happened.

We were incredibly blessed with a home of our own and we couldn't ask for more. No, our house is so not perfect but we live in a decent neighborhood and we love our home.

Ryan started shore duty and hasn't been gone for more than a night since March 7th. It's been absolutely wonderful to finally have him home for more than a couple of weeks or a month. I feel so blessed to have him around so much now.

I believe the last major blessing is our sweet baby girl. I was one day late for my period and decided to take a test. It came back positive and at that moment Ryan came home. I had my mom on the phone because I figured it would come back negative like it had for the last year so I didn't need to get off the phone with her. I took the test out of the bathroom while shaking and crying, showed Ryan and he and I embraced and laughed and cried. I will never forget that moment. I get goosebumps now just thinking about it. My mom was still on the phone and just kept saying "Brittany?" and finally I told her and we all celebrated. Exactly 3 weeks ago we went to find out the gender and got 4d images and a dvd and everything of our baby girl, Abriella Jane. We feel so blessed.

In the end, even though so much bad happened last year, the big blessings take over. Though one of the things that happened is still very fresh in our minds, all we have to think about is Abby and life gets better.

I hope everyone's 2013 is as blessed as we know ours is going to be! We can't wait to meet our baby girl!

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