Time to get it together

Sometimes someone else gets a harsh reality check and it affects you, too.

I have a friend who I started talking to on Instagram who knows how long ago. We both found out we were pregnant about the same time and she is due one day before me. All of my other friends have found out they are having/or have had a boy but she and I are both having girls.

So, yesterday she got her anatomy scan done and everything was great EXCEPT her amniotic fluid was low. They checked to make sure he water didn't break and thankfully it didn't so they think it's because she is dehydrated from not drinking enough water.

That's where I come in. I have been HORRIBLE at drinking water in my second trimester. I literally started drinking it again yesterday. Yes, I suck terribly.

Knowing that not drinking water like you should be can cause the fluid Abby lives in and drinks to be low makes me want to cry because I could have caused harm to my baby because of my own selfishness. I WILL drink lots of water every day from here on out.

Everyone please say a little prayer for my friend, please!

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Jennifer Haas said...

Awww thanks honey! It was a wake up call for sure! You are doing a great job as mommy, don't worry yourself :)