Anatomy scan

Got the anatomy ultrasound today and all is great!

Abby is still a girl.
Her heart rate was 158.
She weighed 10 ounces.
She measured 19 weeks and 2 days (which is what she should be!)
She moved around pretty much the entire time.
She's stubborn.
I have an anterior placenta: http://www.whattoexpect.com/pregnancy/ask-heidi/anterior-placenta.aspx
She is currently head down (now stay that way ya little stinker!).

Here are her 2 major highlights:
 Sucking her thumb! This picture melts my heart!!!

And she is definitely a girl!


Britt Dill said...

Look at that baby bump! I am so happy for you guys!

Brittany Sommer said...

Thank you! We SO need to get together before Brittney goes into labor!!! Lol.

Sue said...

I'm so glad she's measuring/growing right on schedule & she's already head down for you! My biggest stress this whole pregnancy has been trying to get my baby girl to flip!

Brittany Sommer said...

I have been reading about that hardship on your blog! I hope the dr is able to get her to flip! It's still pretty early for us so she could change positions but I hope she doesn't! We only have 4 more months lol.