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That was the statement of the day for me yesterday. You see, I'm pretty much never EVER late for my period but I was 3-4 days late yesterday. The day before yesterday I had a light pink discharge for just a couple of hours then it stopped and still no period. Finally when the hubby got home from work yesterday, we went to get a pregnancy test. The test said not pregnant so I said "We'll just see what happens within the next few days" and we went about our night. I began preparing myself for what could be the biggest change of my life and started to really want it.

Just when I thought I still hadn't started my period today (as it wasn't showing face when I first used the bathroom this morning) I used the bathroom for the second time today and there it was. I must admit, I'm a bit let down. Not so sad that I'm going to cry or anything but I just looked into the symptoms of early pregnancy and the only one I wasn't experiencing was "morning sickness". I also have questions as to why the light pink discharge then nothing for a day and a half? Was I too stressed out about not starting? What gives?

I know one day when the time is right God will bless us with the most beautiful baby in the world, I just don't like the mind games right now. We are married and doing it the right way. There are soo many people in the world that had unprotected sex ONE time and got pregnant with a baby who's dad isn't even in their life now.  I know, we aren't TRYING to have a baby, but as my husband said, we aren't NOT trying either. We almost always have unprotected sex. The only time we don't is around my highly fertile/ovulation period. That's it. Meh, in due time Brittany. In due time...

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