A love like this

I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I could miss someone so much after having not seen them for only a day. I sat and basked in that today for a bit and realized the beauty in it. I'm not obsessive, I'm head over heels for a wonderful man.

When we are single we all seem to have that friend we have a crush on. For Ryan and I, we were eachothers, though we never seemed to really know. The beginning of that theory for me was the night he came back from deployment (us still just friends) and drunkingly called me to tell me that I'm hot and he loved me. At first I kind of just laughed about it because he kept calling me hot and it was cracking me up. The more I thought about him telling me he loved me, though, the more I noticed that what I may have been looking for was right under my nose all this time.

The L word was never mentioned again after that night and we just went about our normal lives as though it had never happened. I didn't really want a relationship based on one drunken night anyway.

A few short months later I moved down here and the rest of the story tells itself. It's crazy to me that we have been together for almost a year and 4 months now and married for almost 9 months. In the mental aspect, it doesn't feel like we have been together for that long and really we haven't since he was deployed for 6 months BUT what I'm really getting at here is we have a vomit inducing love. You know that couple that just got together and makes googly eyes and kisses and hugs and hold hands all the time? We are that couple. Ryans best friend even called us nauseatingly adorable. I took it as a complement. I don't see us ever getting sick of eachother, ever.

Maybe I sound like I'm bragging. Truth is, I don't mean to, but if you've got it, flaunt it.

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Kara Marie said...

ahh its so true!!! im the same way with my boyfriend. we are always "that couple" when we are together because he is in the naval academy 4 hours away so we only get to see each other every other weekend. but i agree, if u got it, flaunt it :) our time is precious with our navy man!