Gettin down to the BIG wedding wire

Things have been real crazy these days. It seems like there's always something, every day. We are doing as much as we can from 1,000 miles away from the venue but I still feel like I'm not doing any of my wedding planning.

Yesterday I went in for my second fitting. The dress was coming together wonderfully but needed taken up in the arms once more due to the back still gapping a little bit. Figured out that I can't wear the $40 bra that I got for it because it shows at the top of the dress in the back. Decided I am just going to buy those gel inserts so I have a little extra protection. Anyway, I get to get the finished product in 2 weeks and I just can't wait to have the dress in my possession again. I feel like someone stole it.

Yesterday we went and bought sea shells that will be in the bottom of the centerpieces along with clear stones and possibly sand. In case you can't tell, the reception is "beach" themed. We have a 8 ft light up palm tree that will be sitting behind us at the head table. There are many other things that I guess I just don't really know about or remember but I have a lovely picture in my head.

I am putting my bridesmaids bouquets together. Here is the idea I have thus far. It's a rough draft, not glued together or anything, but so far people have liked it. I like it. There are only one or 2 changes I plan to possibly make, but this is pretty close to what it will look like. I'm really glad that I am blessed enough to have the artistic eye needed to put bouquets together. This could have been a lot more expensive, but it's bearly going to hit $100 by the time we are done.

I found some really cute coasters that are beach themed on orientaltrading.com and I think they would be a good addition to the tables so we may get them.

Last but not least, this is our beautiful guestbook set. It has been my favorite ever since my parents first showed me the sets they had saved for me to look at online. They made sure I got it even though they had to go through some hoops to get it at the $60 and under price my dad had set.

That's all I got for today but I have a feeling you guys will be along for the ride on this crazy wedding rollercoaster!


Amanda said...

good luck on the wedding planning!!!

Anonymous said...

The flowers and the guestbook set are so pretty!!! Are you having a beach theme? I love it! If you need any help with the planning let me know :)

chambanachik said...

Very exciting!