It's so close it's almost staring me right in the eye on a daily basis. Yet, I find myself not near as excited as I expected to be at this point. I have mentioned to a couple of friends that I firmly believe that has to do with the mind games the Navy plays. The constant let downs have turned my heart to stone. Don't get me wrong, I am crazy happy that my husband will be home in less then a ______ but I just don't feel it yet. I felt homecoming anticipation start well over a month ago, then it vanished into thin air. Maybe this is my minds way of keeping me sane. I really don't know, and I really don't understand. Either way I can't wait to be wrapped up in that Sailors arms again. Just the thought of his touch makes me weak. I wish anyone knew when he comes home so that they could bask in this glorious time frame with me. Well, a few people DO know, but not many of my blogger buddies as it goes against OPSEC to post exactly when that man will be home. All I can say is, SOON. Very, VERY soon. And I can't wait :)

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