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Semper Spouse, I am blowing my top

Just read this: Semper Spouse: Ah, OPSEC

Here WAS my comment (it appears to be gone now):
You disgust me. How dare you put ANYONE in the service in danger because of your stupidity and selfishness! And you're OWN husband? Unfuckingbelievable. No words seem to pop up in my mind to clearly state EXACTLY how I feel about you right now. Just know, you have pissed off a LOT of people and anyone that agrees with you ought to take your spouses place out in the field. THEN see how you feel about OPSEC.

This woman can't possible be serious?! Who would seriously do this?! I am utterly disgusted.

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree. UGH I was so irritated when I read that!