Long time no see

I know, I know. I am absolutely terrible at blogging these days. I can honestly tell you that I am probably only on the computer for a couple of hours a week. Yes, I am always on my phone but have you ever written a blog on a tiny keyboard? It's no bueno.

The last few months have been so crazy busy but I will do my best to tell you about all of the happenings in the Dawson household!

In October we released balloons for Abby's older sibling, with her, for the first time ever (our 3rd year)

In October we celebrated Abby's first holiday, Halloween. This may not be a big or important holiday but it sure is a fun one! We put the fire pit in the front yard and handed out candy. It was a blast to see the cute kids and for everyone to ooh and ahh over Abriella. And to breast feed while handing out candy. I'm a pro ;)

In Novermber Abby had her first bites of food! I only have a video of that so I can't share it but she LOVED it! We also went to what is now our church for the first time. And it lightly snowed as well! Later, my parents and 3 of my nieces came down from Indiana to spend Thanksgiving with us!

 Abby on left, mommy on right!

In December I did a photo shoot of Abby for Christmas, she opened her first presents, met another Santa and traveled to Indiana to spend Chrstmas with family. And celebrated New Years of course! Oh, and, we bought a 2014 Grand Caravan. We have become "those" people. After a trip to Indiana in the G6 we realized we needed something bigger. We chose a van because we plan on having another baby some time soon. We LOVEEEEEE it. While we were in Indiana, by the way, Abby was dedicated to my families church and we also met one of our online mommy friends and her baby! Oh, and Abby went to the er on Christmas (mega early in the morning) for an ear infection. Poor baby was sick pretty much the whole time we were in Indiana!

And that's the end of 2013 in a nutshell! I hope to remember to blog more often this year! Thank you all for sticking around anyway!

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