Another blog in ONE WEEK?! Say what?! Hah.

On to business as usual... I am about to do something I haven't done in a while: Blog about the *gasp* Navy life.

We have decided with heavy hearts that Ryan is going to reenlist for 2 years come October. He literally HAS TO for us to get out of this house. We call it his "getting out of the Navy reenlistment". After he gets out, we plan to move back to Indiana, close to family. He is going to go active reserve so he can still get benefits such as retirement and insurance.

I know what this means, but, I don't know if you do. Ryan will have a year and a half on a ship. It pains me quite terribly to even think about it. That means underways and probably another deployment. That means leaving not just me. That means leaving US. I don't even want to think about Abby asking me when daddy is coming home. It's going to rip my heart into a million tiny pieces.

For now we are enjoying more of a normal life. We plan to start trying for another baby in May and pray to get pregnant quickly because we don't want to risk me having the baby while he is underway or deployed and we wont know his ship schedule until he has orders. It's already frustrating, lol. We will get through it, though. We always do.

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