Navy wife

I have decided that I am going to be a "navy wife" again. The biggest difference between my friendless self and my self that had lots of friends is that I haven't felt like a Navy wife in a long time (and I have a baby now). Since Ryan started shore duty our family life has been awesome but our friendships have fallen apart. I can't help but wonder if it's because we haven't been connecting with people we were forced to know because of frg meetings, underways, deployments and the various gatherings that were so much fun on a ship. 

I got to know so many women from Ryan's old ship and I think eventually shore duty tore those friendships apart. Some moved, most hit shore duty. Recently the last friend I had from that ship got mad at me for saying I was annoyed by the barrage of elf on the shelf posts and pictures and deleted me. 

I hope to become friends with some new Navy wives. All who have husbands on shore. We are having one family over this Saturday, one next Saturday and in a few weeks we will be getting together at another's house. 

I guess part of not really being what I consider friends with people (hanging out and doing more than occasional texting) is that I don't know what an adult friendship is like. I always assumed we would be the people who hosted dinner parties with couple friends and their kids and it hasn't really been that way yet.

I just hope that the future is as bright as my eyes are. I really like these ladies and I hope wonderful friendships will blossom!

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Amber said...

I hate Elf on the Shelf.

I hope that you meet some new friends soon. And, move back to Indiana. :)