The most beautiful thing

To a mother, there is nothing more amazing, precious and beautiful than her baby. This sweet little baby who knows nothing short of complete adoration for his/her parents.

I don't like being away from my baby, ever. End of story. It has been 4 months since I have brought this wonderful creature into existence and I want to hold her all the time. I even want to sleep with her in my arms. She is everything to me. My beloved. There is nothing more amazing, precious and beautiful. She coos, talks, rolls, smiles and laughs. Yet those are just a few of the reasons she is amazing.

I sat here and tried so hard to write out that she makes me sad and mad and tests my patience time and time again but even when I think back on the times she woke up once every hour or the times she cried and cried and wouldn't stop, she never made me mad or sad and though she does test my patience, I have never been impatient with her.

I think I was born to be a mother. I love being a mother. It is my job and I WILL BE great at it. I will always prefer the way I parent over the way others parent unless they parent the same way I do and that is my right as a parent. I will do my best to not judge others for the way they parent because I don't know their story and even though sometimes I look at someone who is just letting their baby cry and trying to give it a pacifier and I think to myself "Pick that baby up!!!" I also have to think that maybe she just can't right now. Being a parent is hard work and we all need a moment from time to time.

This is my baby. There are many like her (except she's one of a kind) but this one is mine.

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