It's probably been too long...

I know, I haven't posted an update in quite some time. When was the last time anyway? Like a month ago? Yeesh.

So what has happened in this past month? For one, I am 33 weeks today. 7. more. weeks. It feels like it's such a short time but forever away. Let's see, what else? Well, not much really. I have grown in the belly but lost 3 lbs due to... Gestational Diabetes.Yes, not only have I been blessed with a million stretch marks that are "hereditary" (neither my mom nor grandmother NOR sisters got them), I was also blessed with PUPPP which has driven me absolutely batty and to just top the whole poop filled cake off, 2 weeks ago found out I have gestational diabetes. 

The morning I found out, I BAWLED. You see, the day before I had called Labor and Delivery to see if they could tell me the results of another test and it turned out I should have gotten a phone call from my dr to let me know I had an infection. So, I was already pretty upset with him because (though the odds are slim) it can put you into pre term labor. So the dr at L and D put in a script for me and I got it the next day. I hadn't gotten a call about my glucose test so on a hunch I decided to call the nurse and see if she could read me my results. She told me that 3 of my numbers were high so I definitely had GD. I just started bawling. That was the last straw. How could I be going to this dr I can't trust? How could he let me down so much? It was a devastating blow. 

A week later I saw a nutritionist about the diet I should be on to control the diabetes and I have been struggling ever since then to get my morning fasting numbers leveled out. My numbers are almost always 10-15 higher than they should be in the morning but perfectly fine every other time I have to test. I was told to contact someone if my numbers were high 3 days in a row so I called the nutritionist yesterday morning after the 3rd day getting a high fasting number. He suggested that I try to go 12 hours without eating instead of 10 to see if I was one of the 20% that needed more fasting time. So, I went without a late snack and when I woke up this morning my numbers were still about the same as they have been. I called him, he referred me to the nurses station where they got me in for an appointment a couple hours later.

I basically went to this appointment so upset and feeling defeated because the last thing on earth I ever wanted to do was get put on a category c medicine every day for the rest of my pregnancy. They called me back and I made the trek to the room with the nurse trying my hardest to not think about why I was there and what they might tell me. The nurse did the routine business then told me the dr would be with me shortly and left. Shortly later the dr walked in and made me feel about a million times better.

He isn't extremely concerned with my slightly high morning fasting numbers. He wants me to go a couple of days without a late night snack and see if my blood sugar has been a little high in the morning because of the fact that my body isn't used to having that snack. He doesn't want to put me on meds just about as badly as I don't want to be on them. I have an appointment with him on Monday and he had me schedule an appointment with radiology to have a scan done to make sure she isn't too big or too small which is set for Tuesday. At my last appointment I was measuring 2 weeks ahead but only one week ahead at this appointment. I see him again on Monday and hopefully I am going to give him good news when I go in there.

I am taking a momentary deep sigh of relief.


Jamie said...

You look great! Good luck w your GD.

KrippledWarrior said...

Hang in there kiddo. Everything's gonna be alright.