Bump Day!

Well...it all started with a boy and a girl. Shortly after our marriage I did a good ole switcheroo on my BC. I was told by my doctors "No worries...you'll be off for a few days that's not enough time to get pregnant". Apparently, my body took that as a challenge! My new doctor at the Naval Hospital told me to get a blood test just to be sure that I wasn't pregnant. I laughed the entire time, knowing there was NO way I could be pregnant! The next day, she calls and informs me...my first doctor was wrong. I was indeed pregnant! When I first found out, I called my best friend in tears. My husband and I had been married less than a month...he was surely going to divorce me! We were just about to PCS from Groton to Naval Base Kitsap COMPLETELY across the country! He called me as he was leaving base asking what the Dr had said...and I said "Well...we are pregnant" and he was HAPPY. I was shocked. I spent HOURS freaking out that he was going to hate me, divorce me, kill me (okay so I was getting a BIT dramatic at that point)...anything but be happy! The next morning he woke up and said "Good morning baby! ...and baby!" and I knew...things would be okay. Fast forward a month, we were in Washington starting to settle in...and the morning sickness hit. But I didn't have morning sickness....NOOOOO...I had full blown all day sickness. My husband found me asleep in the bathroom more times then I care to count that first trimester. But knowing that my beautiful little munchkin was growing was all I cared about...(and the weight loss was good too!). I chose to do Centering Classes at the Naval Hospital instead of traditional appointments, and that was one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy. Every month I got to meet with other moms due right around me and be miserable together.  At our second ultrasound (the big gender one!) We were told "There's an 80% chance it is a girl". So I spent the rest of my pregnancy getting bigger and bigger...and eventually passing by my due date. My mom flew out from Connecticut for the birth, and boy was I lucky for that. I set up my induction on a Thursday for the following Monday...knowing full and well, Sunday morning my husband was set to deploy for 6 weeks on a sub. I sobbed...and that is putting it lightly. There was NO way I wanted to go through my birth without my husband. So I went to bed on Thursday without my husband since he had duty. Friday morning at 5 I woke up knowing SOMETHING wasn't right. All of a sudden I had to pee like I've never had to pee before. So I waddled out and went to the bathroom...but didn't have to pee. My husband called a few minutes later and I told him I was 99% certain I was in labor. My mom overheard me, and came in. I told her that every 8-10 minutes I had to pee. She just laughed and told me yup...I was indeed in labor. I went the whole day at home trying to get it to move along...making meals to stick in the freezer and making sure EVERYTHING was ready, because that baby was comin! At 8pm I went into the hospital. I was indeed in labor so they admitted me. I let my husband sleep, since he was coming off of a duty day, and walked the halls with my mom. At 10 I went into the birthing tub and promptly got out...because that made my pain hurt worse. Now I went in with every intention of doing it natural. That lasted until 11. I was still against an epidural but I gladly welcomed the nubane. Now, I had back labor...and this medicine did NOTHING for my pain. So I used up all the pain meds I could, and was told at 2 am that I couldn't get any more medicine and still had a LONG way to go...so I told them find the epidural dude (the meds they gave me messed with my head...as did 21 hours of labor thus far.) and come stick me. So after the epidural I was able to get a bit of sleep as did my mom and husband. Around 930 am they told me I could start pushing soon. At 10 am I started pushing. At 10:05 I started asking for a C-Section...and was denied. At 10:10 I asked for the vacuum...and was denied. "We can see her head! Just push!" All the while...I'm informing them not that I have to push, but I feel like I'm gonna poop. See...they leave that part out of labor stories and it isn't fair. I screamed the entire time that I had to poop. Finally at 10:20 I tell them I have one more push...and next thing I know there is my baby girl. She had to be taken to the table to be tested since she pooped inside me. My first question was "Is she still a girl? Otherwise someone has to go get new clothes, because all I have is pink!" I got laughed at...and yes she was still a girl. Next question "Are her toes normal?!" My husband has 2 toes that are webbed and there was NO way my kid was going to have webbed toes...more laughter but yes her toes were perfect. Shortly afterwards I got to hold my beautiful 8 pound 7 ounce 21 inch long baby girl. 

Suddenly we had visitors. We hadn't even finished the phone calls...but welcomed people in. It was 2 men from my husbands boat (mind you, they told me it was friends so I was breastfeeding...imagine the surprise when it was 2 men I had NEVER met with my boobie all out.) They brought flowers and paperwork. I noticed and asked "What are the papers for?" They told us "Oh...we got him his paternity leave so he can meet the boat in a few weeks." I almost jumped out of bed and kissed these men. It was AWESOME, and I cannot tell you how lucky we were to have such an awesome command that did that without us even asking/knowing. After that it was the guests and the ever so fun discharge from the hospital and getting settled back home. Now she is two, and we are lucky as all get out with her. 

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing story, Abby!!!

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I love birth stories.