Updates in photos!

It's come that time again! I have lots of updates :D

First thing's first, I hit 28 weeks!
Next, I got these super cute glasses that I have had my eyes on for a while!
Found these... They are outfits my mom got for my previous pregnancy.It was nice to find some things Abriella could use but it was also very saddening.
I already had a diaper bag made out of Ryan's NWU's but, seriously, who could pass this up?

I hit 29 weeks!
My parents came to visit and we did a photoshoot. But that is for another post <3 br="">
We got the back up stroller
 We got the car seat and stroller combo and I adore it!
Noticed this craziness! Abby was very obviously on the right side of my belly!
And finally, my rings started fitting too snugly today

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