Meet Abriella Jane

Sorry if the title throws everyone off! I have NOT had her yet. BUT I do have some seriously amazing 4d images of her!!! She looks a lot like her daddy in them.

Without further ado, here is our beautiful baby girl:
So sleepy!!!
 One foot on one cheek, one on the other! And smiling!

 My favorite. I think this shows what she looks like best :)

 Her daddy's lips

 With her foot in her face, lol.
 Om nom nom!!!
 150 BPM
 Squishing her face against the placenta
 Foot in face again
I love these so so so much. I hope you all love them too! I can't wait to have her and see how similar the pictures are :)

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Nauricia "Reesy" George said...

Awww, look at those cheeks. She is going to be a splitin' image of her daddy. :)