Fighting Tears (and losing)

Do you guys remember last year on this date? I know you may not remember what the date was, but I posted a blog that actually brought some of you to tears. I was absolutely at my worst when I wrote it and could bearly see through the tears to even write. On this date last year, I found out I was miscarrying.

This time last year I was a shell of a woman. I was high on percocet and bearly breathing because I literally couldn't stop crying. Every time I stopped, I started again. And again, and again, and again. My husband must have been dying inside from not knowing what to do. Nothing would have helped anyway.

It hit like a knife to my heart yesterday when I realized what today was.

I can say that I am way better now than I ever thought I would be but it still kills me every day.

I have to remind myself that it was real.

Even though you never made it into my arms, you are always in my heart <3 nbsp="nbsp">


Kiki Hinsch said...

Wow. I don't even know what to say. I just discovered your blog today. I'll keep you and your family, especially your little angel in my thoughts and prayers.

Semper-Me said...

Wow I'm sorry, i have a friend whom also went through this. But things will get better and prayers for you and your family:)

Brittany Sommer said...

Thank you ladies. You will notice me breaking down from time to time but for now I am focusing all of my energy on losing weight and getting fit! If I get pregnant in the meantime, great! If not, some day.