Work it gurllll

 Oy, some people's kids man. Who would seriously put that on that ceiling? DOH! 

Hubs and I got a gym membership last Friday! We are both so stoked to be healthy! I am insanely motivated. What's really awesome is that our memberships came with 3 free sessions with a trainer. We both had our first session with our trainers on Saturday and thought we were going to die by the time we were done, lol.
I did cardio for the next 2 work outs then had my second session with my trainer. It was HELL. By the end of it I literally couldn't hold my own legs up to do the last work out he was having me do so he held them for me.
Wednesday I did cardio and today I did the sets he had me do on Tuesday. I have a goal of either a loss of 10 lbs or 2 inches by my birthday (September 14th).

This dog has got it going on! You wish you were this dog!
 Hubs and I are eating a lot healthier. I literally can't bring myself to want something other than a salad, protein shake or protein bar anymore.
I WISH I could do sit ups like this. Then again, that doesn't look healthy AT. ALL.

All that is leading up to this:

This is my body BEFORE photo. Next Saturday I will be posting an update :) Wish me luck!


Rannsong said...

That's so exciting! Keep it up girl! Maybe you can pass some of that morivation to me hahaha

SJ said...

Where are you stationed?