The saga continues. Rachel is back and I don't even know what to do with this. I find it funny that I seem self-absorbed when all I usually talk about is Ryan. Plus... I'm here to talk about MY life right? Does that REALLY make me self-absorbed?

Rachel says "I would take the time to read your blog, but your writing style is boring, and lackluster. I feel for you for the hardships you've been through. you seem very self-absorbed and a pessimist. "

Anyway, we are all settled into the house and it has been absolutely wonderful. Ryan's mom came to visit and is leaving tomorrow then we have a couple of days to ourselves before Friday night when my mom, dad and 2 nieces come to visit for a few days. I'm really excited for them to get here. I love when they come to visit because that means we don't only get to see them once a year. Being around family is always heart warming and great when you don't get to see them as often as you would like to.

Sandy and Mocha are all settled into the house as well, now. They got into the neighbors yard a couple of times but we fixed the fence so now they can't, lol. It was really upsetting when they got over there because we weren't sure they would come back. It's always scary when babies are running loose :/

Anyway, this self-absorbed pessimist is done for the night. 

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