Negativity and Rambling...

So, I went to militaryblogs.org to check out blogs and see how mine was doing and I had a comment on my listing that said "I'm not a big fan of this blog. So much negativity and rambling". Well EXCUSE the hell out of me for using my blog to get out some pent up aggression.

Just so we are clear, a blog is an online journal where you go to write out your feelings and if you so choose to, share it with the world. That's pretty much what this blog is about and if you dont like it:

There's the hypothetical door. Don't let it hit you on your pmsing behind when it closes.

Some day (such as today), I think about just changing my blog to The musings of a bitchy housewife. Then people would know what they were getting themselves into when they started following.

I suppose I am too negative because of the TTC process. You know what? It's been absolute hell so before you go saying things like that, be sure you know how hard of a time a person is having.

Just... So not cool. That is all. (hope that wasn't too much negativity and rambling!)


Lily said...

I don't know why she's complaining seriously! If she doesn't want to read your blog then she could just press that [x] on the corner of her screen.

BTW I LOVE YOUR BLOG :) So entertaining :)

Rannsong said...

I agree with Lily. I really enjoy your blog. And so what if you get negative sometimes? I have too. I'd rather read about your crappy day and know how your really feeling then some BS fake happy post. Stay true to who you are and talk about whatever you want to. Btw, love the picture in this post :) Now go watch some MLP and forget about stupid girls.

Painting Rainbows said...

F them :D