First thing first. I jumped into the water and got boudior shots done by the lovely Christina Rush! I can't wait to see them all. This is the ONLY one I have so far and the ONLY one I will show:

Just from this photo, I know I will love them all! Christina is amazing :)

I heard Extreme Makeover was coming to my area so I looked into it and volunteered. I honestly didn't expect to hear back from them as somewhere around a million people live in this area. To my surprise, I DID in fact hear back from them and yesterday got this news: CONFIRMED to help on Tuesday night from 8pm-2am! I am overjoyed to be a part of something so incredible!

I got a wonderful job as an in home caregiver and have been working there since the 14th. I LOVE it!

Homecoming is LESS THEN A MONTH AWAY!!!

And now you know why my blog was titled L-O-V-E! I am SO happy with life right now :D


Quiana Michelle said...

So happy you're happy!! :)

Delainey said...

Beautiful photo! and Homecoming yay! Didn't time just fly by?

Pamela said...

Absolutely cute pic!! and congrats on your homecoming!!

Mrs. Jones said...

Gorgeous and fun photo!!! And yay on homecoming :) Love your blog

Sailor's Wife said...

I love the photo - she does such a good job! And I'm so happy that you're happy, and that it's finally FEBRUARY!!