I am so excited!!

Kelsey at Bear at Sea is in the middle of making me an adorable new layout and I am super stoked! You guys really should go check out her page. She is a really sweet, adorable girl and her blog is worth reading. I hope you will trust me and go check her out! All you have to do is click here: Bear at Sea

Anywho, hubby is underway and I am spending the time he is away with one of my besties, Kristen. Her hubby is away right now too so we figured why be alone? I'm not sure and I really hope it's not the case but I feel like I might be coming down with something yucky. I hope not, cuz I don't want to get her sick.

I may have gotten my dress for the ships Christmas ball. Depends on whether the hubby likes it well enough. I feel a little worried about it because I have never worn anything like it. It is really mature and classy so I feel mildly old in it. In actuality, if I wear it I will be dressing my age. We will see.


kelsey said...

Thanks so much Brittany, I am so excited to get it up. I noticed a few people followed me out of nowhere :]
:] I am ready to code when you say "Go"

Reesy said...

I just love you guys' blogs. I just started a blog of my own, figured it'll give me something to do while my sailor is away...problem is, I have no idea how to design it. Help please :]