Warning: This is going to be one of those mushy, crazy in love posts. This is our story:

When I first met Ryan almost 4 years ago, he didn't say one word to me except for when I asked what kind of phone he had. It was quite shocking since we were at my friends house and only 4 other people were there for hours. I just figured, whatev.

Shortly later I started dating his roommate. A month or so later, I was living with them. I packed up and moved the Virginia from Indiana to be with this guy that ended up being the biggest jerk on earth. Anyway, Ryan and I became really good friends over the year that I lived with them. We watched tv shows together and did a lot of stuff together. Trust me when I say I never expected our friendship to end up this way.

One night, he even let me cry on his shoulder when I found out my bf had went on a date with another girl on a night he said he was "going out with the guys". I was crushed. I packed all my stuff and was ready to move back to Indiana. My bf at the time cried and begged me to stay so I did. A couple months later him and Ryan deployed (they were on the same ship). I had a feeling my bf wouldn't stay faithful and I cried and cried on the pier while watching them leave. Ryan said he even teared up watching me.

My gut was right and I broke up with my bf and 2 weeks later moved back to Indiana. Of course that whole time Ryan and I stayed in contact via email and the occasional overseas phone call. The night the ship got back from deployment, Ryan got super drunk and spilled his guts to me. He told me he loved me and always has, even when I was with the ex. Did I mention Ryan stopped being friends with my ex after he cheated on me? Yeah. I just laughed it off at the time because we were such good friends and he was so drunk that I didn't know if he had a clue what he really felt. Turns out he totally knew.

He came to Indiana where his family also happens to live and I was going to move back to Virginia with him as friends a couple days later when he went back. We went out with a couple of my friends and after we left the bar we stopped to get food at McDonalds. Let me say first that I had never made the first move but sparks were flying and Ryan wasn't going to so I did. I planted a kiss on him in the drive thru. It was epic lol. Then we went to my friends house and stayed up until like 5 am. Then we had to wake up around 6:30 am because Ryan needed to get his car checked out. So, lacking sleep, we went to his mom and dads and then to the mechanic.

Fast forward 3 days and we are on our way back to Virginia. We were just inside of Kentucky when Ryan said "I can't take this anymore" and pulled into a rest stop. I was like "hmm he must have to pee" (LOL). He pulled all the way around and parked where there were no other cars then looked at me and planted an extra passionate, fully sober kiss on me. Then he said "Will you go steady with me?" and OMG did I ever smile. It took me a minute to answer because I was so scared of losing the amazing friendship we had but in the end I said yes. The rest of the way to Virginia we held hands and I smiled on and off the whole trip. These were the songs that came on back to back after we left the rest stop and they have held a special place in my heart ever since:

5 months later this happened:

2 months after that, this happened:

2 weeks later I said "see you later" to him as I watched the ship leave the pier for deployment with a very heavy heart and bearly fighting back tears.

6 months later was the happiest day of my life and I never even shared all the amazing shots my photographer took, so here some of them are!

 This one was important to me because it was devastating to me when they took the stairs                                 away on D Day. Watching them put them back took the weight of the world off my shoulders!

                       My "Where is my husband?! Everyone else is off the ship already!" picture lol.

We might live our life like this last song far too often BUT he is so much more then worth it <3


chambanachik said...

Oh my gosssshhhhh! I love it.

That video is priceless!

Mrs. Y said...

I chuckled as I read it cause it's very similar to my story. I moved from Indiana to Virginia for a sailor, who ended up treating me like crap. But I decided to stay and moved out on my own. A while went by and I started dating this sailor and met his roommate (on same ship). Well I ended up moving in with them to cut some of my costs down. About two months later the roommate and I realized we were dating and not me and the other guy. Just treated me bad and it was my now husband always taking me out to eat (which were dates now that we look back at it). Now we are married and living happily together and alone lol. Sometimes that is how life works out.