A new do and a trip

Coming to you live from Hubert, North Carolina. I am here enjoying spending time with some friends and awesome people. The husband is underway for the gazillionth time and wont be home for close to a week, bah humbug. I swear they are going underway every other week. It's really working my nerves.

We are trying for a baby and it seems like they are picking the worst times for him to be gone. I mean, tmi alert, he was on duty when I was ovulating. Here's hoping that egg held up for the next day or so. Hopefully (if I'm not already pregnant *crosses fingers*) he wont be gone next month around that same time. If he is, this could become a really depressing experience month after month.

On a brighter note, our Halloween party was a blast! Here we are as a hustler and a flapper =)

I got a call from my sister a couple days ago telling me that my mom was in the emergency room. Apparently her allergies caused her to cough so hard she puked and she puked so hard she ruptured a disk in her neck. At first the pain was so horrible that she couldn't even move. When she first went to the er they thought she may have had a thunder clap, or in lame mans terminology, a brain bleed aka a stroke. How scary would it be to be thinking that for a while and then find out it was just a disk (and I know 'just a disk' sounds stupid, but that is nothing compared to a stroke). It scared me to death to know my mom was in the er. I always feel so helpless when something happens to one of my parents. I could never prepare myself for the worst. In the time I have lived here my dad has had quadruple open heart bypass surgery, had hernia surgery AND had a cancer scare. This was a first for my mom but still, I wouldn,t know what to do if something happened to one of them and I didn't get to see them. Being so far away kills me sometimes.

In a couple of weeks my parents are coming to visit for the first time. I hope my mom heals well so it's a good visit for her. I so cant wait!

Last but not least, I got a hair cut! It's shorter then it's been in at least 5 years or more and I just love it! What do you guys think?

My hair went from that^
to this:
I personally think that the shorter cut is more flattering and better then how my hair looked long but that's just me!


chambanachik said...

Love your hair! :)

Samantha said...

Love the new hair! It's so chic :) I enjoy changing my hair. Especially after something stressful. The change should be refreshing for you <3

Jamie said...

Your haircut is adorable!