Woah!!! Virginia DRAMA! Plus some big smiles...

I never went to public high school but I am feeling like I may be getting a taste of what it was like via military wives here. I have decided to take a break from this place for a while. Thanks goodness I have the chance to do that.

Anywayyyyy, I got a wonderful 1 hour long phone call today. Hearing his voice is just the best thing ever! It was great to make him laugh and him do the same to me in return. Also found out that he decided to not reenlist for more then 4 years. What. An. Emotional. ROLLERCOASTER! As if deployment wasn't enough of one lol. Either way, I told him I would be behind him no matter what he decided but for now, it's 4 years. We'll see what happens in the next few months cause Lord knows he could change his mind again.

I think I am going to have huge bags/dark circles under my eyes and a full head of gray hair by the time he gets home. I feel tired all the time and have spotted more gray hairs since he left then I ever have before. Not that there are a ton of them, but there are more then 5. Well, there WERE. You better believe I plucked them bad boys out! I am only in my mid 20's and we don't have kids! There is NO reason for me to have gray hairs right now lol.


Asailorsbabie said...

Dear Miss Brittany.... Just thought I should tell you that for every gray hair you pull or pluck out 3 grow in return... lol thats what my mom always said to us and well now she has lots of gray!!!! [[she had mean kids that pulled them out for fun]]

Sailor's Wife said...

Oh do I know how you feel with the drama! yikes yikes and yikes.

Glad you got a long phone call. I love those days :)