Mr Sailor... husband man

To me, he isn't the Sailor in the uniform trying to advance in his career. To me, he is the most wonderful, caring, sweet, amazing, knock-me-right-off-my-feet human being to ever grace the planet. To me, he is the world. I didn't marry Mr. Sailor because I like the uniform. I married him because of the man UNDER that uniform.

I hate that some people on his ship can't see him for the person he is. All they see is a Sailor. A Sailor that they would much rather turn into a robot so he can do and say everything they want him to. A Sailor that is working his butt off to be what they want him to be. That Sailor has lost his smile and it breaks my heart.

I hate when he is hurting while he is gone. I don't know what to do to make him feel better. All I have is my words and sometimes words just aren't enough. Sometimes you need the comforting hug and to just BE with the person that makes everything right in the world. Trust me, I have been there a few times since he's been gone.

I can't wait for Sailor man to come back and be husband man again.

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Sailor's Wife said...

I know exactly how you feel! I hope this deployment goes by fast for you and you can have him back soon. Keep your chin up <3