Oh, do I have a story for you!

I haven't been saying a whole lot lately. Like I said in the last post, I am on auto pilot. I am currently 39 weeks, day 4 and no sign of laboring on my own. My mom has been here for almost 3 weeks now because I was 70% effaced and she thought I would go into labor at any moment. Boy, did I prove her wrong or what?

Ok, so, story time.

For the last month, I have been feeling like something is wrong with my blood pressure. I start to feel pressure in my head along with headaches, my arms get red and splotchy, my chest gets red, my ankles and feet have suddenly had more swelling and I just don't feel right when I have these episodes. The first time it happened, I felt really fuzzy in my head so I went to Walmart and took my blood pressure and it was up so Ryan and I went to labor and delivery where it had lowered and I was sent home with no explanation of why it may have been up, nor did they have any proof that it had ever been up. So, I just looked like a crazy pregnant person. Well, a few more days - a week went by and I had been feeling this way on and off the whole time. One day I was feeling that same feeling so my mom and I went to Walgreens where the pharmacist takes your blood pressure with an actual cuff and it was 139/97!!! They don't want the top number to go over 140 and bottom number to go over 90 so we came back home real quick then went to labor and delivery again where, of course (an hour or longer after it had been high) it had gone down, AGAIN. So, I looked like a crazy pregnant woman, AGAIN.

I then decided I wouldn't go in anymore with the issue because clearly they would never catch it. That same week I went to see the midwife (not my regular OB because he wasn't available) and I mentioned how my blood pressure had been acting up and I was once again dismissed because there was no proof that I wasn't crazy.

Fast forward to my appointment with my actual OB and I bring it up. He decides to test me for pre eclampsia. After them taking blood and me bringing in a jug of urine that I had to collect over a 24 hour period, I got news that all was fine, so I was dismissed again. Apparently high blood pressure doesn't matter as long as you don't have pre e? Well, I went to the midwife again this past week for my 39 week check up and guess what?? MY BLOOD PRESSURE WAS HIGH!!! 144/97! They even took it again 10 minutes later after I had rested and it was still high! She sent me to Labor and Delivery saying that she saw no reason why they wouldn't induce me. I started to get really excited! My issue was finally being resolved AND I would meet my baby girl, FINALLY.

Well, after  hours in Labor and Delivery, they sent me home to collect my urine for 24 hours again. I felt beyond defeated. My high blood pressure didn't matter because it went down? I don't understand these people.

Fast forward to yesterday morning! I got a phone call (and missed it) from the midwife. She left a voicemail saying she was calling to follow up from the other day and all I could think was "THIS IS IT! There HAS TO BE something wrong with my urine this time! They HAVE TO see something for her to be calling me!". I honestly thought she would say I have a UTI or something because I haven't been peeing as much as one would think a pregnant woman would at 39 weeks. I called her back immediately and she told me my urine was fine BUT she was still concerned about my blood pressure so she SCHEDULED me for an induction. Holy crap. HOLY CRAP. S*** just got real. She couldn't get me in any sooner than my due date (which is Tuesday) but now I KNOW I will have a baby by this time next week!

Trust me, I would love nothing more than to go into labor on my own but if I don't do it on my own, I am more than happy to get help doing it. Not to mention, my dad gets here tomorrow night and him and my mom have to go back to Indiana next Sunday so I really didn't want to risk them missing Miss Abriella's birth. Also, please refrain from telling me about your horrible induction story. I have heard both good and bad but I choose to learn from experience :) Just wish me luck! I will see you guys after I have her!

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Anchor's Aweigh! said...

I had crazy high bp from about 28wks on until I was induced at 39wks. Never had pre-e either. Just be glad they are monitoring you :) excited for you to meet baby girl