I know I have said this before, but...

I'm serious this time. 9 freaking months into TTC and I have started my period once again. This month was looking different. 7 or 8 days after ovulation I started cramping and they lasted a day and a half. I never have PMS, EVER, so I was like hmmmmmmm, implantation cramps?? Aunt Flow didn't come yesterday when she was expected so I really did start to get excited but I was still trying to keep the excitement at bay because of how often we have been let down in this process. I even took 3 pregnancy tests like a psycho 3 days in a row, all negative, of course.

I'm not freaking trying anymore. I refuse to pay attention to any more details of the TTC process. My poor mind can't take it anymore and neither can my poor heart. I just... literally CAN'T. I am mentally and physically exhausted from all the pain. I just can't anymore.


H.B. said...

This upcoming week will make month 6 of us TTC with no luck. It is incredibly frustrating especially when all you hear is "don't try, it'll happen when it's supposed to". I hate that. When it's something that you want more than anything it's hard to just let go and let God. I want to be a mommy so bad it hurts and my husband's baby fever is just as bad as mine. Sending lots of love your way, hun.

Britney Murphy said...

I know we don't know each other, I met you once with a bunch of navy wives. But I just wanted to tell ya that not to give up, its when your not trying it happens but that never worked for me so I asked the doctor and he gave me a time frame.

The 1st day of your cycle to the 9th day NO SEX, on the 10th day for a week (we did two weeks just to be safe) you NEED to have sex every other day. I hope this helps. I know what you mean on the trying not to get excited we have had two miscarriages, its not easy but when it finally does happen its a great and trying journey all in one. Good luck :)