I know, I'm crazy. But, I am soo happy to be here! The drive here was pretty hellish. A trip that usually takes 13-14 hours took 16+ because our crazy dog wouldn't use the bathroom. She didn't pee until 8+ hours into the trip when she really couldn't handle it anymore (at a rest stop, thank God. I was very worried that she would pee in my car). By the time we got here I felt like nothing short of a zombie. I could hardly keep my eyes open and my head up but we managed to stay awake for another hour or 2 before crashing.

For the first 2 days Ryans parents dog (Toby) didn't seem to like Mocha but he got over that and now they play until Toby doesn't want to anymore. Mocha would play all day, every day if she was given the chance to, lol.

Our trip has been great except for the fact that Ryans uncle (who was battling cancer) passed away on his moms birthday. I felt awful for her and I still do. The funeral is tomorrow and I hope we are able to keep her as much at peace as possible. Ryan seems to be holding up okay though he got choked up a little when we went to the viewing today.

It has been a wonderful visit with his family but I can't wait to see my family.

To top it all off, Ryan has been home day in and day out this whole time and we aren't getting sick of each other! Yayayayayayayayayyyyyy!

That is all.

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The New Normal said...

Indiana, really?! That's where I am! (No one in the MilBlogging world ever talks about Indiana, so I got a little excited :)
At least the weather is beautiful right now! As much as I wish to leave this state at times, I do enjoy living here :)
I'm sorry to hear about your husband's uncle, but I hope your visit with family is nice!