As a military wife

*start rant* I feel as though it doesn't matter how long you have been with someone or married to someone in the military. When our men are gone we all miss them just the same. I feel like I have EVERY RIGHT to complain and say that I miss my husband and if anyone dares to tell me differently, I will kindly remove them from my life. I recently ran into a civilian "friend" who basically said I have no right to miss my husband because we haven't even been married a year yet. Really? What the HELL would you know about missing your husband? I am pretty sure the only time she has been away from her husband was for MAYBE a week and it was by choice. After she sent me this nasty message on facebook, she blocked me so I couldn't respond to her even if I wanted to. I just think that "friends" should be there for their friends when they are in need rather then critisizing them for being sad because they haven't even SEEN their husband in 3 months. *end rant*

Thanks for listening to my vent for the day lol.


♥ Elizabeth said...

Don't ever let anyone tell you how to feel when it comes to your sailor! We were married a WEEK when my husband left for a three month deployment. I missed him with every fiber of my being. We were newlyweds... we were supposed to be setting up a home and nesting in the afterglow... and while he was out on his yacht enjoying "our honeymoon" I got to stay behind and prepare a cross country move.

No matter the length of time you have known or been married to someone, you are still continuing life without that person!

Hugs, and don't let those kind of people bring you down!

KrippledWarrior said...

Civilians piss me off. But that's a story for another day. Doesn't it suck when people give you a ration of shit on-line and then block you so you can't share the joy with them? Make sure you block her so that she can't continue a one way war of words.