Is it too much?

I'm thinking that blogging every 3ish days may be more than I should. That last post was just plain awful. If it didn't go against what I believe in, I would delete it but that feels like deleting a part of my life and I just don't do that. I won't censor myself just because the post was dull and negative.

I have, however, decided that since I end up posting junk like that if i post too often, I am going to limit myself to posting once a week unless something awesome or important comes up!

For now, I am going to sit here, smell the roses (and other flowers in the surprise bouquet Ryan brought home <3 a="" abby="" all.="" and="" call="" coffee.="" drink="" duty="" her="" i="" m="" mom="" my="" now="" of="" p="" play="" plays="" real="" ryan="" toys="" watch="" while="" with="" y="">

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Cristine said...

My boyfriend was deployed today and so I've been working on updating my blog and subscribing to other Navy Girlfriend blogs to keep me sane. I'm really enjoying yours so far!!!! Keep blogging!!!