This is what I believe

These are my beliefs, there are many like them, but these are mine.

I believe every baby deserves breastmilk.
I believe co-sleeping is best for a baby.
I believe there is nothing wrong with a breastfed baby refusing a bottle or pacifier.
I believe letting a baby cry it out is mean and cruel.
I believe in cloth diapering.
I believe in the "attachment" way.
I believe in the "crunchy" way (for the most part).
I believe people that don't try to breastfeed because they don't want to are selfish.
I believe people that judge women breastfeeding in public are ridiculous and disgusting.
I believe in babywearing.
I also believe my baby needs time to herself.
However, I hold her way more than she is alone because I believe she deserves lots of attention. I also love holding her :)
I believe that moms who have more milk than they need should give to those who don't have enough.
I believe that no matter what I believe, you will have your own beliefs and I will probably not change your mind.

I'm not trying to force my beliefs on anyone. They are mine and mine alone. 


kelleanne surine said...

I love this! While I agree with what you say I know there are people that wont but I just hope they take this with a grain of salt and not get their granny panties in a bunch! You are an awesome mommy and abby will appreciate everything you do for her one day!!! xoxo

Erin Mehlich said...

Right on girl! I love that you put everything out there. I hope to be a great mom like you one day.

Amber said...

You randomly popped up in an old reader I had used, and even though I don't talk to your or Ryan anymore, I knew Abby was here already because of his Mom.

First, she's beautiful, and congratulations to the two of you. I am happy that everything worked out and that she's healthy and happy. You both deserve the best that life has to offer, and I'd say parenthood is the best.

Second, I could not agree with this list more. This is exactly how parenting should be done, unless they cannot breastfeed for some reason, which is unfortunately sad but true for some people.

Third, you're doing awesome with the breastfeeding. I also think it's awesome that you donate your extra milk to mothers who aren't producing enough or any. Breastfeeding is much better for the baby.

Fourth, you and Ryan are amazing parents, and like I said, Abby is beautiful. I love that she seems to be smiling in all the pictures you post

So, congratulations on her and on being awesome parents.