Life as we know it

It's changing. Our whole world is becoming different.

In the past month, 2 of our friends have gotten out of the Navy and moved away. Let me rephrase, 2 of our CLOSE friends. Ryans best friend was one of them. They have known eachother since school in Great Lakes. Ended up being stationed at the same base and they have been close to eachother ever since. Now, he is gone and my poor husband is probably lost in the world.

This month we moved out of our apartment in the ghetto (lol) to our HOUSE in a nice neighborhood. Let's not even mention the little blueberry that is in my belly. Life as we know it is changing.

As you all know, we have been worried sick about Ryans orders for shore duty. After getting screwed over on his final round of picks, his detailer told him to pick orders even though he couldn't apply himself and he would do his best to get him those orders. Well... We are NOT pcsing! Ryan will be stationed right here in good ole Virginia Beach for shore duty and we are so happy!

I guess that's all I got and on paper it doesn't look like a whole lot has changed but it sure does feel like it. The baby alone is a major life changing event! Though I wouldn't trade him or her for anything in the world :)

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